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Saturday, Sept. 15th
Picture Time Coach Name Age
8:00 AM Mickelson Girls G-09
8:15 AM Holstein Girls G-11
8:30 AM Grandinetti Coed Coed 13
8:45 AM Abbott Coed Coed 13
9:00 AM Melnyk Girls G-11
9:15 AM Banks Coed Coed 14-15
9:30 AM Feddema Boys B-07
9:45 AM Whitehouse Coed Coed 13
10:00 AM Binetti Coed Coed 13
10:15 AM Huttenlocker Boys B-12
10:30 AM Hartjoy Coed Coed 14-15
10:45 AM Fay Coed Coed 14-15
11:00 AM Devol Girls G-08
11:15 AM Patterson Boys B-11
11:30 AM Murphy Coed Coed 14-15
11:45 AM Carter/Middleton Girls G-05
12:00 PM    
12:15 PM
12:30 PM    
12:45 PM    
1:00 PM Klein Boys B-12
1:15 PM Maryanski Boys B-12
1:30 PM Patterson Boys B-09
1:45 PM    
2:00 PM Walls/Mauk Boys B-12
Saturday, Sept. 22nd
Picture Time Coach Name Age
8:00 AM Nikolaisen Girls G-06
8:15 AM Buonocore Girls G-09
8:30 AM Johnson Coed Coed 14-15
8:45 AM Olson Girls G-11
9:00 AM Johnson Girls G-12
9:15 AM Osborn Boys B-10
9:30 AM Macy Girls G-12
9:45 AM Bruhn Boys B-05
10:00 AM Thompson Boys B-11
10:15 AM Ihde Boys B-11
10:30 AM Friend Girls G-09
10:45 AM Gregersen Coed Coed 14-15
11:00 AM Hiller Boys B-07
11:15 AM Tutaj Girls G-11
11:30 AM Philpot Coed Coed 14-15
11:45 AM Harding Boys B-11
12:00 PM Bruhn Boys B-11
12:15 PM Ihde Boys B-09
12:30 PM    
12:45 PM    
1:00 AM Posey Girls G-12
1:15 AM Beckman Girls G-12
1:30 AM Schmidt Girls G-10
1:45 AM    
2:00 AM Oliver Boys B-12
2:15 AM    
2:30 AM Kuklinski/Hartjoy  Boys B-09
2:45 AM Bruhn Boys B-10
Saturday, Oct. 6th
Picture Time Coach Name Age
8:00 AM Lashbrook Boys B-11
8:15 AM LaMotte Girls G-12
8:30 AM Osborn Coed Coed 13
8:45 AM Williams Coed Coed 13
9:00 AM Uznay Coed Coed 14-15
9:15 AM    
9:30 AM Pagaduan Coed Coed 13
9:45 AM Higginbotham Boys B-06
10:00 AM Toone Boys B-11
10:15 AM Howisey Girls G-12
10:30 AM Hiller Boys B-10
10:45 AM McKee Coed Coed 14-15
11:00 AM Nikolaisen Boys B-08
11:15 AM Miller Coed Coed 14-15
11:30 AM    
11:45 AM Ossello Girls G-06
12:00 PM Mickelson Boys B-12
12:15 PM Thomas Boys B-09
12:30 PM Taylor Girls G-08
12:45 PM    
1:00 PM    
1:15 PM Stewart Boys B-12
1:30 PM    
1:45 PM    
2:00 PM Espheter/Hines Boys B-12
2:15 PM    
2:30 PM Andrews Boys B-10

Monday, July 8th, 2019
Enumclaw Public Library

Open Board Positions

Do you want to help your community?

Would you like to get some money back from your child’s registration?

Would you like to have the benefits and knowledge that come with being a part of a Community Club? (Because there are perks!)

Come be a part of the Cascade Foothills Soccer Club (CFSC).

We are looking for a few Board positions, Secretary, Assistant Registrar, Director of Coaching, Scheduler, Equipment Coordinator. If you are interested, please contact the board members via e-mail. We are always looking for volunteers and future board members. Come get involved!

    Cascade Foothills Soccer Club (CFSC) – P.O. Box 937 – Enumclaw, WA 98022 – E-mail:

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