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CFSC By-Laws As approved at the February 2015 Annual General Meeting

Article 1: NAME

This organization shall be known as the Cascade Foothills Soccer Club, and referred to herein as “CFSC“.

Article 2: PURPOSE

The purpose of the CFSC shall be to teach, govern, and promote all aspects of the game of soccer. It is dedicated to the principle that any and every player who desires to play will be allowed to do so.


The final control and authority of CFSC shall be vested in an elected body known as the Board, which shall exercise the right of decision on all matters pertaining to soccer within the geographical boundaries set forth by Maple Valley Soccer Association (MpVSA).


CFSC follows operating procedures set forth by Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) and Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL).

Article 5: FINANCIAL

CFSC is and shall be a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Board must authorize all expenditures of monies.


All meetings of CFSC are and shall be conducted using the current edition of “Roberts Rules of Order“ as a guide. The Board may appoint a parliamentarian to see that these rules are complied with. Rules or restrictions imposed by these By-Laws have priority over “Roberts Rules of Order“.


CFSC shall be affiliated with the MpVSA, which is affiliated with other soccer associations that are members of WYS or PSPL.


Membership of the CFSC shall be Board members, registered coaches, registered referees, registered players and their parents.


The Executive Board shall conduct the business of the CFSC and shall be composed of the following elected officers who shall be the voting members of the General Board. Each member will only hold one Executive Board position at a time:

The President shall be the head of all committees, and shall supervise as chair at all Board meetings and all CFSC meetings. The President and/or Vice President shall supervise all activities of CFSC. The President may appoint other special officers to carry out specified duties with Board approval. A meeting agenda shall be presented to all Board members prior to each meeting. The President shall be a signer on the CFSC's bank account.

The Vice President shall succeed to the power of the President's position, if the President resigns, or if the Board under Article 8F removes the President from office. The Vice President shall assist with the supervision duties as needed by the President. The Vice President shall be a signer on the CFSC's bank account to sign if the Treasurer or President are unavailable.

The Secretary shall attend to and file all correspondence and record and prepare all meetings minutes which are to be read at subsequent meetings. The Secretary shall notify all Board members of matters pertaining to meetings.

The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received in a chartered bank in the name of CFSC. The full executive board must first authorize all disbursements of CFSC funds if the amount exceeds $500.00. The treasurer will file the proper return with the IRS and keep CFSC's 501c3 non-profit status current. Taxes shall be filed yearly through an outside CPA that will be decided by the executive board. When tax documents are completed they shall be presented to the board at the next board meeting. An audit of the books will commence at the end of each treasurer's two year term or at any time the treasurer vacates the position. The audit shall be conducted by a outside auditing entity within 60 days of the end of the two year term or vacancy of the treasurers position. The auditing entity shall be decided by the executive board. When the audit is complete it shall be presented to the CFSC board at the next meeting. The Treasurer will be a signer on the CFSC's bank account. Assets of CFSC shall be properly accounted for using standard book keeping practices. The Treasurer shall be prepared to provide a financial report at any scheduled CFSC meeting.

The Registrar shall organize and supervise the registration of players, coordinate computer services with MpVSA and WYS or PSPL, and attend or send an alternate to all MpVSA and WYS or PSPL meetings pertaining to registration. The registrar will verify Risk Management clearance of the board members, coaches, assistant coaches, referees and all volunteers working directly with the youth membership. This duty is performed thru the BONZI registration system, coordinated with the MpVSA registrar, and includes notifying the President and Coaches Coordinator of all non-accepted applicants prior to the start of the season.

In order to serve as the President or Treasurer, a person must have served a minimum of one-year in a General Board position or be familiar with the doings of CFSC.

In the event a position is left vacant, the Coaches Coordinator will serve as the 5th Executive Board position.

The General Board are committee chairs and are elected or appointed by the executive board:

The Referee Coordinator shall supervise the referees and report to the Board on all referee activities and is responsible for training, assigning, and maintaining a current list of referees within CFSC. Other duties may include attending WSRA, SKCSRA, PCSRA and MRSA meetings pertaining to referees. This chair is encouraged to organize for all coaches a game discussion as soon as the fall registration is completed and as often as necessary to keep the coaches informed of any and all rule changes and interpretations. This chair shall sit on any judiciary hearing pertaining to referees.

The Fields Coordinator shall be responsible for the maintenance of existing fields, acquiring new fields, and liaison with the Enumclaw and White River School Administrations, Enumclaw and Buckley Park Departments, King/Pierce County or other bodies concerning fields. This chair shall obtain approval for the use of all fields as required, organize work parties as needed, see that the fields are properly laid out at the start of the season, and have the equipment and supplies on hand that are necessary to make a field playable for all the scheduled games within the CFSC.

The Coaches Coordinator will be responsible for keeping all CFSC coaches informed of all MpVSA or CFSC Board meetings, for improving the ability of the coaches of CFSC to teach soccer by organizing and conducting coaches meetings.

The Equipment Coordinator shall be responsible to acquire inventory, collect and arrange storage for and to distribute CFSC equipment and uniforms. This chair shall seek bids for purchases and when approved by the Board shall make purchases.

The Scheduler Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing and scheduling all CFSC teams. The scheduler or an alternate will attend all MpVSA and WYS or PSPL meetings pertaining to scheduling. The Scheduler, working with the field's coordinator, will schedule all fields for maximum utilization, keeping good field conditions as a priority and coordinating this with the Board. The Scheduler will coordinate the rescheduling of all games and this chair will coordinate the scheduling of pictures.

The Webmaster/Publicity Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the CFSC website. This chair shall see that all items that require publication are properly done and distributed.

The term of office for all executive and general board members shall be two years commencing on February 1, and ending on January 31. The fiscal year of the CFSC shall commence on January 1, and end on December 31.

Individuals who have been appointed by a three-fourths majority of the Executive Board shall fill vacancies occurring subsequent to elections. Positions will be filled as required. A committee consisting of three members appointed by the Board shall make nominations for CFSC offices. Nominations for office shall be published and distributed to the CFSC members at least 15 days prior to the AGM. Nominations for office shall have been contacted and have consented to run for the office nominated.

Any Board member who is not performing the duties of their office may be removed from the Board by a two-thirds vote of the Board members. Any Board member absent without cause from three consecutive meetings can be removed from the Board.

General Board meetings shall be held as determined by the Board, with an Executive Board meeting held prior to the general meeting. Special Board meetings may be scheduled by the President or one third of the Board members. Only Executive Board and Committee Chairs may vote at Board meetings and there will be no proxy vote. The Annual General meeting (AGM) of the CFSC shall be held during the month of January each year. The President may call a special General meeting when approved by the Board. Each CFSC member that is present at these meetings may cast one vote on all items that must be voted on.

The Board shall not conduct business unless a quorum is present. A quorum of the Board shall consist of more than 75% of the Executive Board. Each Board member present is entitled to one vote and a simple majority of the Board will conduct business of the Board unless any provision within these by-laws requires a two-thirds vote of the Board, in which case a two-thirds vote of the Board is required.

All General Board meetings shall be open to every member of CFSC. No discussion will be allowed from the floor without permission from the President. The President has the right to eject any person or persons not complying with the rules of the meeting. The Board may form committees to handle special activities such as Soccer Camps, Fund-Raising, Publicity, etc. If the Board forms committees, they will establish guidelines for these committees.


Changes to the By-Laws shall be affected in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, and can occur at any special General Meeting called by the Board, upon an affirmative vote of the CFSC members present. Changes to the By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board. For changes that are to be proposed at the AGM, the Secretary must transmit them to the CFSC members at least 15 days prior to the AGM. Temporary rules or regulations governing specific cases or occasions not provided for in these By-Laws which are necessary for carrying out the objectives of CFSC may be made by two-thirds vote of the Board.


Players will be registered using the WYS or PSPL required BONZI system and will pay the playing fee upon registration. No player may take part in any club activity until properly registered, their playing fee paid, and they have been assigned to a team or age group in accordance with WYS or PSPL rules/regulations.


Recreational Teams

Recreational team size shall follow current WYS or PSPL regulations. A committee consisting of a minimum of the Coaches Coordinator, the Registrar, and a third Board Member will allocate players on an equitable basis between teams when any age division has more than one team. Criteria will be date of registration, payment in full of registration fees, the stated preference of the player, and if necessary, the school of attendance.

A team may not accept individuals “playing up“ in age if others of the proper age are displaced from a place on the team. Players may be allowed to play up in age upon discretion of the Club.

Select Teams

Select teams will be formed only if the Board authorizes them and within the guidelines of WYS or PSPL and MpVSA. Before the Board may authorize a select team, it must first have coaches and teams for those players who do not make or do not wish to play on the Select team – provided there are enough players to make a second team.

A select team committee shall be appointed by the Board and will be chaired by the Coaches Coordinator. They shall accept applications from all the coaches who wish to be considered to coach these team, and to select a coach.

All players will be given the opportunity to compete for positions on these teams. Organization of the teams will be the responsibility of the Select Committee.

Select teams will play in the PSPL “Silver“ division. No CFSC select team will play in the PSPL Gold division, unless a request is made and accepted by the CFSC board.

Only one (1) select team, per age bracket, will be assigned to the Silver or Gold division. This will start in 2008 with Select U11 age groups.

All coaches having teams in affiliation with CFSC will be subject to review by the Board.


The transfer of players shall follow current WYS or PSPL regulations.


The rules of competition will be FIFA rules as amended by WYS or PSPL Rules of competition.


Games may be cancelled or rescheduled by action of the Board if deemed advisable due to weather, field conditions, or other causes. These games will be rescheduled by the Scheduler and played as rescheduled. Scheduled games will be played as scheduled unless both coaches agree to reschedule the game in which case they must first obtain the approval of the Scheduler who will insure that the field is available and a referee prior to approving the coaches' request.

Article 16: SPONSORS

All sponsors must be approved by the Board and be in compliance with WYS or PSPL rules.

Article 17: JUDICIARY

The Board shall have power to penalize any member, player, coach, or referee whose actions have willfully violated these By-Laws or whose actions are detrimental to CFSC. Penalties may consist of warnings, temporary or permanent exclusion from the activities of CFCS.

Protests must follow the guidelines of the league in which they play if it is a league outside warnings, temporary or permanent exclusion from the activities of CFSC.


Coaches: All coaches and assistant coaches must have a Risk Management clearance on file with the state thru Bonzi. The Registrar will confirm clearances to the Board prior to any coach performing coaching duties with CFSC youth on or anywhere off the fields. A judiciary committee shall be appointed to monitor any written complaints and report to the executive board on any findings per current WYS or PSPL by-laws.

Volunteers: Any volunteer must have Risk Management clearance on file with the state thru Bonzi. The Registrar will confirm clearances of any and all volunteers working directly with the youth membership prior to any involvement with CFSC youth on or anywhere off the fields.


CFSC Board members shall receive the equivalent of 1 free “Recreational“ registration which can be transferred to any club within the MpVSA organization. The discount will be refunded to the Board Member once the season officially begins and it is determined that they will remain active.


The Board will establish and publish the policies of CFSC necessary to carry out the operation of CFSC.


Our primary method of communication is via email. We will share your email address with organizations we are actively affiliated with who provide a service to our club. (Camp, trainers, sister clubs.)


Undefined areas are any particular areas not covered in these By-Laws and Operating Procedures, and shall be governed by the By-Laws and Operating Procedures of the WYS or PSPL.


Monday, Nov. 7th, 2019
Enumclaw Public Library

Open Board Positions

Do you want to help your community?

Would you like to get some money back from your child’s registration?

Would you like to have the benefits and knowledge that come with being a part of a Community Club? (Because there are perks!)

Come be a part of the Cascade Foothills Soccer Club (CFSC).

We are looking for a few Board positions, Secretary, Assistant Registrar, Director of Coaching, Scheduler, Equipment Coordinator. If you are interested, please contact the board members via e-mail. We are always looking for volunteers and future board members. Come get involved!

    Cascade Foothills Soccer Club (CFSC) – P.O. Box 937 – Enumclaw, WA 98022 – E-mail:

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